The Future

Bible Basics
It´s coming. Are you ready? What the Bible says about Earth´s end and re-beginning, eternity, Heaven and Hell.

13 Accounts of Jesus' Resurrection in the Bible star
Thirteen accounts of Jesus' resurrection appearances throughout the Bible

A Christmas Carol Special Edition - Book Review star
Open up this little gem, A Christmas Carol Special Edition, and you’ll find the complete text of Charles Dickens’ classic story, and “Christian Insights & Discussion Questions for Groups & Families” by Stephen Skelton.

A Christmas Critique star
We celebrate our birthdays, well, on our birthdays. But we celebrate Jesus’ birth about three months late every year, and that’s only one of many Christmas celebratory traditions that don’t quite match up with the historical event.

Abide in Me and I in You star
We seldom use the word "abide" in everyday conversation anymore, but abiding (in the sense of dwelling, remaining, continuing)is a critically important concept in Jesus’ last conversation with His disciples, and for us today.

Abraham - A Friend of God star
If you are having a grand day, rejoice in it and thank God for the blessing. If you are watching the news and finding it hard to be at peace about the state of the world, be comforted. In Abraham's day and in our day, God moves to bring about the results He has planned since before time began.

An Overview of 1 Samuel star
A close look at the book of 1 Samuel

An Overview of 2 Samuel star
An overview of 2 Samuel that focuses on the life of King David, his rule over Israel, and his sin with Bathsheba.

An Overview of Ruth star
An overview of the book of Ruth that demonstrates God's redeeming love and faithfulness

Angel Facts and Fallacies star
Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings…not. It’s a cute line, but the theology in It’s a Wonderful Life is a disaster. Angels are real and we need to understand the truth about them. We won’t get that from Hollywood, so let’s see what Scripture has to say about angels.

Beauty in the Ruins star
How can a creation groaning “under the bondage of corruption” be so unutterably beautiful? How can winter—a time of death and danger and darkness here in the north—be so lustrous? It is to the glory of God.

Bible Study Tools at Crosswalk - Review star
You want to get serious about Bible study, but don’t know a word of Greek. You want to see just how the different translations compare with each other. Perhaps you’ve tried to read through your Bible in a year but you always get bogged down and give up. Have I got some Bible study tools for you…

But What if Bears are Real? star
Would you go hiking with this guy? It's critical to think logically when making serious decisions, like whether or not to believe in bears, or God.

Christmas and the Cross star
Up and down our road, Christmas light displays sparkle in the snowy dark. Some are breathtaking, obviously the result of hours and hours of loving work. One includes a cross lit with white lights. What does a cross have to do with Christmas? Oh, so very much.

Christmas Prophecies star
Why do Christians claim that Jesus is the long-foretold Messiah? We are confident He is the One because Jesus fulfilled almost three hundred Old Testament prophecies, written hundreds and even thousands of years before his birth.

Demonstrating God's Love star
He wants us to love. To lead with love, to guide with love, to teach with love to approach with love. Our love should be evident in everything we do. It should be how we conduct ourselves day in and day out.

Did Jesus Claim to be God? star
Did Jesus ever say the exact words “I am God”? No. Did He say it in every other way possible? Yes. Jesus made such a variety of claims to deity that there can be no doubt as to what he meant.

Do You Know Your Patriarchs (and Matriarchs)? star
Do you have all those Old Testament fathers straight in your head? I didn't for a long time. All the Sunday School stories were just fragments jumbled together in my brain. But I've worked hard to get them all straightened out, because it's important to be thoroughly knowledgeable about my faith

Easter Untangled star
What is “Good Friday?” Why do we call the day our Savior rose from the dead “Easter?” Wasn’t He supposed to be in the grave three days and three nights? What’s the connection with Passover? And please explain the bunnies, painted eggs and plastic grass.

Faith made Perfect star
What do you have complete faith in? How are you being a light for the world?Are you walking the walk or just talking the talk?

Halloween - Are Ghosts Real? star
A 2007 poll found that about a third of Americans believe in ghosts. But why? I would venture to say that many have had some kind of spooky experience they can’t otherwise explain. Others probably add a credulous belief in ghosts to their heartfelt conviction that Elvis is still alive.

Halloween - Think it Through star
Is Halloween evil or innocuous? Do I rig costumes for my kids and take them trick-or-treating, or head for the Harvest Festival or Reformation Day celebration at church? If similar questions have been rumbling through your head, I’m glad you’re thinking about the issue. Thinking is underrated.

How to battle a bad attitude star
Are there days you feel like everything is coming against you? This article gives basic scriptures to hold on to that will guide you toward demonstrating correct behavior and walkig in God'd love.

Idolatry - The Sin of Pride star
A word that brings to mind statues or false gods that were worshipped along time ago by people who didn’t understand the world the way we do. But idolatry can be many things.

Is the Bible Inerrant? star
I am not inerrant. Ask anyone who knows me. But the Creator God of the Bible is, and so is His message to human beings, the Bible. Many people think that's a ridiculous thing to say, because they misunderstand what Christians mean by the claim of Biblical inerrancy.

Jesus on Taxes star
Love is the answer. Do to others as you would have them do to you. Stupid is as stupid does. Ever notice how a profound or witty phrase loses its oomph after a while? Even Jesus’words can fall into this category, as they're so familiar. But take a minute for a fresh look at Matthew 22:15-22.

Jezebel star
Jezebel was the daughter of a king and the wife of a king. She was a woman who knew power and how to use it. In a time and place where women had few rights and little power; where women were largely secondary to their husbands and bound to answer to them, Jezebel wrecked havoc at will.

Know the History and Content of Your Faith star
So when did the books of the Bible get chosen? Don’t Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Aren’t all religions pretty much the same? What about the dinosaurs? Do questions like these send you into a mini mind numbing panic? If so don’t fret, but don’t be content with that state of affairs.

Know What You Believe - Book Review star
Are you kind of hazy on what Christianity teaches about angels,end times, baptism and what communion is all about? This little book serves up the answers in rich, easy-to-chew morsels.

My Peace I Give to You star
You may have noticed-—our world is not a peaceful place. We belong to the Prince of Peace. No matter the chaos swirling without or within, we can have the peace that passes understanding. Still, it's not so easy.

Nine Paradoxes of the Christian Life star
The living of my brief planet-side life is permeated with the fragrance of eternity. Christians do not view success, money, love, problems or suffering in the same way as those who cannot see beyond the grave. Persecutions, perplexities and paradoxes ensue.

Overflow blessings star
Are you a blessing to those around you? There are many instances in the Bible that shows God’s favor that resulted in overflow. This article will help you to be blessed and a blessing.

Overview of Deuteronomy star
An overview of the book of Deuteronomy

Overview of Joshua star
An overview of the book of Joshua

Overview of Leviticus star
An overview of the book of Leviticus and how it is a type and shadow of Jesus Christ.

Overview of Numbers star
An overview of the book of Numbers, the fourth book in the Torah or Book of Moses

Peace that Passes Understanding star
My son’s favored farewell phrase of late is, “Alright, love you, peace,” or a variation on that theme. I smile at the retro feel of that—straight out of the sixties. The B.C. sixties, for of course the Hebrew for peace, shalom, has been used as a blessing and greeting/farewell for millennia.

Prophecy Central star[offsite link]
Compare biblical prophecy with the current events of today. Are we living in the end times? You be the judge!

Seven Steps to a Useful Life star
I love that old Saint Peter. A brash fisherman and a blustery disciple, he blurted out whatever popped into his head, he blundered and bungled things repeatedly and even denied his Savior. But he served, and this gives me hope. If God could use a blunderer like Peter, surely He can use me, too.

Sowing Seeds star
Witnessing for Christ can be a hard thing to do. Where do I start and how can I follow through? If you’re a Christian and you’ve got Internet access, then you can practice witnessing for Jesus in a Christian chat room.

Strong's Concordance - A Mighty Tool star
Riffled through a Strong's Concordance lately? It can be bewildering. Fragments of sentences and weird headings, squiggly non-English letters, obscure abbreviations, tiny print. Quick, put it back on the shelf! No, don’t do that. Let's figure out how to use this powerful Bible study tool.

Sweet Fragrant Fruit of the Spirit star
Have you ever been strolling through the produce section when suddenly your nose is taken captive by an irresistible aroma that pulls you toward the display of fragrant peaches? Have you ever met a saint whose face radiated peace and joy? That person is as irresistible as any perfect peach.

Thanksgiving Day, With or Without Choirs star
I was thrilled the day I discovered a by-the-way comment in Nehemiah, about choirs. I’m a choir director, and reading that choirs and choir directors had been around since King David warmed my heart. Nehemiah organized two large thanksgiving choirs, which brings us around to today's topic.

The Apologetics Study Bible - Book Review star
How often I have been momentarily stumped by some random sound bite tossed to me in conversation. Sometimes I need help finding the morsel of truth I need when faced with questions and objections. Holman Bible Publishers has developed a fantastic resource for us enthusiastic but inexperienced apolog

The Audible Voice of God star
The morning dawned bright and sunny, but by the time the school bus pulled up, the clouds were beginning to build and the temperature leveled off. It was a typical fall day in Colorado...a story of how the voice of God changed one mothers perspective on her life´s purpose.

The Canon of Scripture : Why These Books? star
I’ve heard people say, “I’d love to believe the Bible is true, but it’s so messed up now. They’ve mistranslated it, and left out this or that gospel. It just isn’t reliable. We can’t know what God really meant anymore.” Well, the Bible is reliable, and we can know what God means to say.

The Fruit of Freedom star
Those Galatians. I should be sorry that they gave Paul so much trouble, but instead I’m grateful because of the excellent letter he wrote to straighten them out. Chapter five has me enthralled, learning how to walk in the land of Freedom, and produce the fruit of the Spirit.

The Lord's Prayer Contemplated star
Someone please tell me I’m not the only one who has secretly thought that God put the Lord’s prayer together in the wrong order, got repetitive, and left out some important stuff. Now don’t start collecting nice throwing rocks. I have seen the error of my ways.

The Patience of a Saint star
Don’t you love compound words? Gingersnap – snapdragon – dragonfly – flyboy – boyfriend – friendship – shipwreck…okay, nowhere to go from there. There are compound words in Greek, too, and an intriguing one appears in the the fruit of the Spirit list in Galatians. It’s usually translated patience.

The Source of Miracles - Book Review star
The Source of Miracles is Kathleen McGowan's first non-fiction book. It is, unfortunately, a mishmash of Christian and New Age thoughts, and not anything I can recommend to devout Christians.

The Truth About Christmas star
Once upon a time, long ago and far away, in a small town out in the desert, there lived a young girl. She lived in a small home with her mother and her father and her brothers and sisters. They had a dog and a cat and many other animals....

Useful Goodness - a Fruit of the Spirit star
My son buys more knives than anyone I know. Last year he bought me a knife, and even though I didn't think I needed another knife, it has become my tool of choice for any and all vegetable chopping. It's a good knife, quite useful, like Spirit-filled Christians are supposed to be.

What is an Atheist? star
Can we know that God exists? The skeptic doubts God’s existence because it can’t be proven by science. The agnostic says it’s impossible to know whether God exists. But the atheist firmly declares, “There is no God.”

What is Joy ? star
Joy is the sweetest, most piercing emotion. The existence of joy puts everything in perspective. It explains many things about truth, reality, life and death, love and loss and heaven and everlasting life and the goodness of God and just about any other mysterious thing you can name.

Where is Your Armor? star
I like a charming nineteenth century novel as well as the next person. But for serious escapist reading, give me a near-future post-apocalyptic dystopia every time. I want to see life stripped down to the bare bones, in scenarios where people’s character, and beliefs determine their every move.

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